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The Manifest



  • Earth is one massive living organism.
  • An infinity of life forms coexist interdependently.
  • Humanity has a major influence over other terrestrial realms.
  • Each human being is a unique and individualized cell of the planet.
  • Resilience of an organism is maintained when its cells are fully free to play their roles at the service of the Whole and its parts.

I proclaim

  • My gratitude towards Life that animates all things.
  • My deep respect for all inhabitants of our earthly vessel.
  • The primacy of the biological and conscious being that I am, over the legal entity created after my birth.
  • The legitimacy of my creative power as long as it excludes any form of theft, deception, moral or physical violence.
  • The absolute responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions of my own free-will.

I undertake

  • To process my fears so that, with love, I take care of myself and every form of life.
  • To seize my power as a living Human Being and use it to serve harmony.
  • To resort to joyful and pacific disobedience whenever fundamental rights of Life are in danger.

I, _______________________________________ , acknowledge this pact that links me to myself and the Earth. Today ________________________ , I connect through my heart with the emancipated Beings of One Nation across all oceans and continents.

Original manifest written in french language
On february the 29th of 2020
Somewhere in Armorica...


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