The Manifesto


Considering that

  • Earth is one large living organism.
  • An infinite number of life forms cohabit on it interdependently.
  • Humanity has a major influence over other terrestrial realms.
  • Each human being is a unique and individualized cell of the Earth.
  • The resilience of an organism is maintained when its cells are free to play their roles fully at the service of the Whole and its parts.

I proclaim

  • My gratitude towards the Life that animates all things.
  • My deep respect for all inhabitants of our earthly vessel.
  • The primacy of the biological and conscious being that I am, over the legal entity created after my birth.
  • The legitimacy of my creative power as long as it excludes any form of theft, deception, moral or physical violence.
  • The absolute responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions resulting from my free-will.

I commit myself to

  • Remove fear from my mind so that in love, I can take care of myself and every form of life.
  • Seize my power as a living human being to use it at the service of harmony.
  • Resort to joyful and peaceful disobedience whenever fundamental rights of the living are in danger.

I, _______________________________________ , acknowledge this pact that binds me to myself and the Earth. On this day of ________________________ , I join with the heart the emancipated Beings of One Nation across the oceans and continents.

Original manifesto finalised in French
On the 29th of February 2020
Somewhere in Armorica...


The Heart of One Nation

Governments are failing in their mission.
They do not care for Human Beings or the Earth.
We no longer trust them, they have lost our respect.

But what can we do?

Complain? Boring...
Protest? Too dangerous!
Vote? Fruitless.
Fight? Can't be bothered!

What if we would create a nation instead!?


The Spirit of One Nation

One Nation is a planetary emancipation wave inviting us to reclaim, with serenity, our personal power, and refuse all illegitimate authority.

Here, fear and anger give way to creativity and courage.
There is no need for new leaders, laws or institutions between us.

The Manifesto attests to our common intentions towards the Living.
This text is the link between all our differences.
Mutual trust allows us to act spontaneously in stigmergy.


The Body of One Nation

One Nation lives first in each one of us every time a Human Being signs the Manifesto in good faith with heart and the soul.

Together we form a decentralised network of Human Beings and Oases embodying the values of the Manifesto.

Each oasis, fixed or movable, is free to experiment its own organisation.

One Nation connects open-source projects that offer alternatives to the usual instruments of power (identity, money, education, food, information, ...)

¡Read me!

By nation it is meant: "A rather large group of Human Beings, characterised by an awareness of its unity and by the will to live together".

One Nation is deeply non-violent. Read more

One Nation is not, and will never be a country, a state, a political party, an institution, an association, an NGO, a lobby, a company, a sect or a new world order. Read more

One Nation has no official media or spokesperson: No individual or group may claim to speak on behalf of the multitude. Read more about wouino

One Nation may not exclude anyone. This would then require a judge, a body of justice, laws, institutions, and so on 🤯😓 Read more


  • WHAT - What is One Nation? A country?

    No, One Nation is neither a new country nor a new world order.

    It is not an association, a syndicate, a political party, an NGO, a lobby, a company or any form of institution anchored in the legal world.
    And do we have to mention it? One Nation is not a sect.

    So, what is it?

    There is an emancipation wave at the planetary scale that has been silently growing every year, for decades.
    We had the idea to give it a name and chose to call it One Nation.


    One Nation could be seen as a “label” or a #hashtag to recognise each other among human beings committed to working for harmony and the common good. One Nation is composed of Avatars (Emancipated Human Beings) living or not living in Oasis (Emancipated lands)
    This is not an organisation as such. Its functioning is natural, organic, based on stigmergy.

  • WHY - Why « One Nation »?

    Whether we like it or not, we all live on the same planet.
    The Earth is the bond that unites us all.

    Instead of sabotaging the spaceship we all share, we took an oath of living and spreading harmony together, inside us and around us.


    We keep away from the political aspect of a nation, and the idea of ideological belonging.

    We understand the word nation in the sense of “A rather large group of Human Beings, characterised by an awareness of its unity and by the will to live together”.

  • STIGMERGY - How One Nation is organised?

    In a word : stigmery (See Wikipedia)

    A "non-organisation"

    One Nation is a « planetary non-organisation » decentralized, without governance or borders.
    It fully embraces stigmergy: this special way of taking decision in a spontaneous and decentralised way, with no chiefs or central organisation. Each individual takes initiatives autonomously, without waiting for the other’s approvalal or authorisation.

    Today in most collective organisation, we can see rules everywhere, circulars, committees... We prefer to bet on spontaneity, sharing, a sense of responsibility and trust that everyone is acting for the common good.

    Once free from endless meetings in search of a consensus, we are free to act according to our natural impulses. We believe in the balance of initiatives. What is painful one person to do is often source of enthusiasm for another.

    How does it work ?

    Stigmergy is therefore the art of living and letting live, of organising oneself by daring to let go and trust. I let go my will to control everything and I trust the other person in his or her impulses, because I know that he/she is deciding, thinking, and acting to make our collective life more beautiful. I remember that he/she also trusts me. This trust is guaranteed by the signature of the manifesto.

    From a need, several answers will be considered. Instead of trying to agree on THE best solution, why not trying them all?

    Each and every one creates, invents in their own corner, tries, experiments. The most efficient solution will naturally be retained, used and improved. And the least obvious one will be discarded as it is tried, without any need to consult each other. Solutions evolve through time with us, in a living, organic and simple way...


    We have learned to receive directives, homework, since very young at school.
    We need to re-learn, in this new world, to act spontaneously, autonomously, to validate our intuitions ourselves and to follow them. Once we have regained this confidence to act spontaneously, then we will become invincible because we will be elusive.

    The more numerous and connected we will be, the stronger this decentralised parallel network will be to be resilient and offer a real alternative.

  • TELEGRAM - How to contribute? Meet? Get in touch?

    There is no official group One Nation.
    Everyone is free to be a new starting point to embody One Nation on Earth.


    However, a first impulse is emerging on Telegram.
    Telegram's design and philosophy lends itself quite well with One Nation's operation (see stigmergie). There are 500+ millions active users concerned about the respect of their data on this messaging platform.

    Quick start

    Telegram is a messaging application working on computer (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) and on smartphone (Android et iOS).

    Step #1 Download Telegram :

    Step #2 Join the welcome canal :

    How does it work

    Anyone is free to create a group and organise discussions.
    There is no central group and no permission is required before starting. Groups that are very active will split naturally in sub-groups; and useless groups will be inactive or will probably not get any visitors.

    Telegram offers a search function to get a list of all public One Nation groups.
    Here is a glossary for group names so we can find them more easily.


    Each Englsih-speaking group begins by onenation_en_
    Each French-speaking group begins by onenation_fr_
    etc etc …

    NB: Philosophically, we rather separate groups by “language” rather than “countries”.

    Groups examples

    onenation_en_avatars : presentation of English-speaking avatars
    onenation_fr_avatars : presentation of French-speaking avatars

    You can also create private groups if you feel like sharing in restricted circles.
    It's also possible to create temporary groups not destined to last.

    Group rules

    Each group provides a README pinned message for everyone to know the rules of the game of this group.

    For exemple in the groups onenation_en_avatars, onenation_fr_avatars, etc. are groupswith no discussion. Each one introduces itself in a single message and if you want to discuss about it, you can contact individuals with a personal message or elsewhere.

    Create a group
    1. Open Telegram
    2. Create a group
    3. Invite a first member (mandatory)
    4. Group name : onenation_en_groupname (see above)
    5. It is not complete for the moment it's a private group...
    6. Open group parameters then "Modify" or "Edit"
    7. Change group type
    • Select « Public »
    • Link : (same name)
    1. Add a picture (the logo for example)
    2. Add a description
    3. Write the first message README with game rules for the group
    4. Pin this message so that everyone can find it easily.
    5. Announce this new group somewhere else where it's appropriated.
    To conclude

    If other groups organise themself somewhere else than Telegram, that's fine !
    The most important is that something happen 😉

  • EMANCIPATION - From whom is One Nation emancipating?
    In a nutshell

    One Nation emancipates itself from any illegitimate authority.

    Parable of emancipation

    Imagine this:
    You live at your parents' home, your individuality is fully developed and you are now able to choose for yourself.

    At your parents' house, there are very important rules, for example:

    • Everyone eats at table, together, at fixed time.
    • The cat isn't allowed to go in bedrooms.

    Sometimes you listen to your needs/desires. You make yourself a nice meal in the middle of the afternoon. Or you open the door for the cat to spend the night with you... Acting this way, you put yourself in a position of disobedience.

    One day you get tired of feeling like an outlaw even though you are obviously not harming anyone. That day, you decide, without anger, to look for your own place. A place where you can eat pastas at 4pm and sleep alongside your cat without breaking disobeying anyone.

    For One Nation, it's the same!

    It is impossible to maintain our integrity and creativity in this world full of 💩🤕🤦 rules. We do not expect anything from government and others institutions that, a thousand times have proved their irresponsibility and bad faith.

    So bye bye! From now, we answer with a happy and calm "no" to all illegitimate injunctions.

  • MASTER PLAN - What is the One Nation's masterplan?

    One Nation does not have a 144-page, five-act master plan that maps out the road for the next 50 years.

    There is a strong intuition about the first steps to be taken. We leave it to time to provide the details and modalities of the profound societal change that awaits us if we want our children to die a good death.

    #BottomUp. One Nation's bet is to let initiatives emerge by themselves. In the field, we live, we invent, we innovate, we allow ourselves to do things differently. When solutions work, they are naturally shared. One Nation then takes over to provide them with a systemic dimension.

    If a minimum version of the roadmap had to be define, it could be:

    1. To recover my personal power at the individual level
    2. To recover our group power at the collective level
    3. To change without waiting for change. To embody it straight away at the local level
    4. To design useful, free, open and well-designed alternatives to the usual instruments of power (money, education, food, information, ...)
    5. And thus dispossess the powers that be of their main resource: us
  • DISOBEDIENCE - Why advocate for creative disobedience?

    The will is not to disobey out of principle, for pleasure, out of a spirit of contradiction. We defend our natural and legitimate rights as human beings. We want to preserve our fundamental freedoms, without which life becomes a slavery.

    Because yes, let's say it! Today, the laws, the legal landscape constrain every day a little more the Life which would like to express itself in us. Slowly, methodically, we are transformed into robots, machines, merchandise.

    To keep our integrity and stay coherent with our values, we are ready to disobey. By disobeying we withdraw our silent consent that gnaws at us internally.

    It is not a question of rejecting all at once in our life 'in society'. It all depends on your life, your situation, the issues that concern you (education, agriculture, transport...). It is not a question of going against, but rather of protecting for...

    How to stay joyful and creative in disobedience?

    In the face of any unfair situation, there is a creative, artistic solution to maintain one's integrity. It is not a question of blindly be angry or putting oneself in danger, but of finding an original path to hack the situation. And usually it's the number of supporting people that makes the difference.

    This is in fact why we need to be numerous and united. When a Being is threatened in his or her rightfulness, then we are all under attack. And we are fast, creative and elusive...

  • NON-VIOLENCE - How to remain pacific in all circumstances?

    A very thorny question!
    It is impossible to answer all possible imaginary scenarios.

    Let us keep in mind that violence is never the solution to resolve a conflict. It can be a natural impulse that is difficult to curb, for which everyone is responsible. Breathing consciously for a few minutes (if possible) is preferable to release the emerging violence, before resolving a problem.

    But above all, it is important not to look for a violent situation, like in a street demonstration for example. Unfortunately, nowadays, this historical mode of expression puts our physical integrity at stake.

    Knowledge is a shield against violence. It is much easier to keep calm when you know your rights. The legal maze can sometimes become a weapon to be turned against an illegitimate system.

    When there is a dispute with the justice system in place, we prefer to believe in the quiet strength of the group, in our creativity, in our spontaneity which makes us unpredictable and resilient. All driven by such strong values of change, it becomes simply obvious to stand together in the face of difficulty.

  • WHO - Who is behind One Nation?

    Behind One Nation, there are human beings who are or are in the process of being emancipated.
    And soon maybe you?

    The Manifesto is the cornerstone of One Nation.
    It was finalised somewhere in Armorica on the 29th of February 2020.

    Those who wrote it are neither rich nor poor, neither sheep nor radicals.
    It is a gift to the whole Earth, no one can make One Nation their own.

  • SOCIAL NETWORKS - Where to find One Nation on the internet?

    There is no official One Nation social network. There never will be.

    Everyone expresses their vision, their personal opinion within a multitude called One Nation. So no group on a social network (technically controlled by a handful of moderators) can claim to be the official voice of all of us.

    Online, each individual or collective initiative is therefore visible behind the hashtag #onenation.
    On your journey, if you come across something you don't like, don't forget that it is the creator's responsibility and not that of all the Beings connected by One Nation.

    To meet in real life you can join the Telegram groups to find out more and find people near you.

  • FEARS & PARADOXES - I am scared to give up everything for One Nation !

    No one will ask you to leave anything to join One Nation. The only way to "join" One Nation is to find your path to yourself and your creative power.

    We all live different realities, with a different pace. It is not about putting ourselves in danger but living with as much integrity as possible, embodying our values, getting closer to the Self, to that inner voice that would like to guide us towards more harmony.

    Every step that brings us closer to ourselves is a victory. Some people can take giant leaps because they have no ties, no children for example, or no contracts... For others, it may take longer, in gradual steps, one area after another.

    And one should not wait to be perfect, to be without contradictions before acting.
    No one lives without a few paradoxes, so everything is fine.
    Remember! The goal is the journey.

  • OPEN SOURCE - Why create a nation on Github?

    Since no one person can imagine the world of tomorrow on their own.
    Since the future is open, free and open-source, then One Nation naturally embraces its principles.

    All of this site is editable except for the Manifesto (in French). Everything is to be created, everything is to be imagined, translated, improved... Thanks in advance for your participation!


  • AVATARS - What is my One Nation Avatar?

    On the day you are born, you already are a conscious Being.
    You breathe the air for the first time, you are given a name.
    You are alive, but at that moment, legally speaking, you do not yet exist.

    It is only later that a legal representative will register you in the official registry of your country. You are now a citizen, your identity is created. You can finally play the big board game.

    So, to sum up, there is:

    You => the conscious biological human being
    [your first name] [YOUR NAME] [date of birth] [place of birth] [registration number*] => your legal identity

    • Your registration number differs according to your country of birth (social security number, ...)

    You, the human being, you have your legal identity.
    However, you are not your identity card. You administer it.
    It is your mandatory avatar to be able to interact with the legal and administrative world, and vice versa. It is the condition for imposing the rules of the game on you.

    These identities are not essential for survival, but are a tool for organising and streamlining life in “society”.

    Currently you have no control over your identity. It is locked and issued by an external authority. Your parents gave you a first name, you inherited a family name. You have to ask for an authorization to modify any parameter (first name, last name, gender, ...)

    One Nation Avatars // Today

    Today, One Nation suggest to you to symbolically regain control over your identity. You are invited (after signing the manifesto with yourself) to design with your own hands an identity card that looks like you: your avatar. You are the only authority able to issue this "identity card".

    Then it is up to you to display your card whenever an authority asks you "show me your papers, please".

    We agree, it is first and foremost a psycho-magical act. It allows us to regain our integrity as human beings. Since we are not our legal selves, we choose when to represent it or not.

    One Nation Avatars // Tomorrow

    One of the first objectives of One Nation is to develop an unalterable digital registry (blockchain-like) to host all the avatars and passports we have issued to ourselves. This open and decentralised registry will constitute the foundation to catalyse all our individual metamorphoses into a collective force.

    It is the basic building block for designing virtuous systems (e.g., universal income) that are open and open-source. We will then be able to break free from the old and play a new "board game", the one we have really created and chosen.

  • OASIS - How do One Nation territories work?

    An Oasis is a self-proclaimed breathing space in a suffocating system.

    Oases are connected by a collective intention to live in harmonious interdependence with the living. They can take the following forms:

    • A village
    • A house
    • A forest
    • A van
    • A boat
    • A bicycle?
    • A company/initiative/collective
    • A virtual project
    • Etc, etc.

    A One Nation Oasis is a collective energy that embodies the values of the manifesto and no longer takes into consideration the dubious injunctions of illegitimate authorities such as states.

    Each Oasis is autonomous and entirely free to choose its organisation. The signing of the Manifesto guarantees unity and coherence between all our differences. Knowing that each one respects the same powerful commitments, we can let the other decide and act freely in complete trust.

    Each Oasis will be face to solve similar problems as other oases, so, One Nation can serve as an architect to centralise and bring a systemic dimension to its emerging open-source solutions. It will then be up to each Oasis to adopt these solutions or not.

  • FESTIVALS - Festivals with no program nor organizers?

    We dream of seeing dozens, hundreds of One Nation Festivals spring up all over the world.
    These spontaneous events have a start date, but no end date.
    We gather around the desire to build together rather than consume together.

    Let's imagine, for example, a piece of land of several dozen hectares. Whether that land is legally acquired or legitimately occupied, "organising" a One Nation Festival is a call to give that place a powerful start. Miracles can be accomplished in a very short period of time to build the starting infrastructures of an Oasis. #CollectiveBuildingSite

    This is the perfect way to observe the magic happening when the energies tune in harmoniously on their own. Many people will pass through. Some, if they feel comfortable there, may make it their new home.

    And maybe your new home? Where you can finally live in harmony with yourself.

    When starting an Oasis through a festival, there is no need to build up files and time-consuming meetings over several years to reach a consensus. You just have to party together and let go, trust... Life is always more creative than our intellect.

    What if we can't find any land?

    The Earth does not belong to the bankers!
    There are so many abandoned, abused places that need our light to recover some sense again. It's time to reinvest these places attributed to caretakers who clearly do not care for them. Why should the Earth be reserved only for those who have the money to buy it?

    These places need us, so let's take them!

  • WOUINO - Who is the official One Nation spokesperson?

    Wouino does not exist yet.
    You are free to create Wouino if you feel like it.

    It will be the “spokes-voice” of the multitude of hearts and minds that make up One Nation.

    Its operation will be simple (equivalent to reddit or stack exchange):

    • A question is asked to Wouino
    • Everyone can answer according to their vision
    • The "best answers" go up
    • The person asking the question makes up his/her mind from all these answers classified by relevance
    • The questions remain open over time and therefore answers may evolve.

    Anyone who claims to be THE VOICE of One Nation is an impostor. Only a system such as Wouino can represent the colourful palette of our visions.
    In this way no individual can fault the multitude since s/he speaks only on their behalf.

The 🥱 questions

  • UN - Do you intend to get international recognition?

    One Nation does not need recognition from any existing legal entity. And especially not from the United Nations which includes all the countries playing the same society board game.

    We do not ask permission, we rather take hold of our natural et legitimate right to live peacefully on this Earth in harmony with every living things. Since States have been incapable to offer this right, we take it by ourselves.

    At the end, the only recognition that matters is the one we give to each other within One Nation.

  • CONSTITUTION - Will One Nation have its own laws?

    Never 😉
    It's not about making something new out of something old!
    Our only law is that of trust, kindness and respect.
    The necessary values for a peaceful cohabitation on earth are written in the manifesto.

    One Nation will never promulgate any text of law.

    One nation is not philosophically (or technically) inclined to write and enforce laws. For a law to exists, we do need an institution in charge of writing texts, and many others to enforce them (usually by force). It's the opposite of One Nation's spirit. We do not believe that a law could be applicable in all places and at all times on Earth.

    Of course, locally, it is up to each Oasis, each Human Being to define and apply their own rules of life.

    Instead, we imagine One Nation as a hub of creative solutions in order to facilitate fluid relationships between human beings. Each solution is created with the idea that a good design can prevent us from many laws. These free and open solutions have no constraining or binding character.

++How to contribute ?++

One Nation fully embraces the principles of stigmergy which invites everyone to act spontaneously free from needing validation from others. Read more

Print the Manifesto

If you need some help getting started, here are some suggestions:

  1. Print/handwrite the Manifesto
  2. Share it with friends and family
  3. Embody what you have just signed 🥳
Meet each other

Here you won't find any leader or central organization. You are a new starting point for the One Nation. Find or discover those who want to act around you, and off you go!

Do not hesitate to have a look on Telegram, there are plenty of people to get to know Read more


This open-source website is hosted on Github. Everything is editable, except the French version of the Manifesto. You may contribute by adding, updating, translating content of the website.