• Earth is one massive living organism.
  • An infinity of life forms coexist interdependently.
  • Humanity has a major influence over other terrestrial realms.
  • Each human being is a unique and individualized cell of the planet.
  • Resilience of an organism is maintained when its cells are fully free to play their roles at the service of the Whole and its parts.

I proclaim

  • My gratitude towards Life that animates all things.
  • My deep respect for all inhabitants of our earthly vessel.
  • The primacy of the biological and conscious being that I am, over the legal entity created after my birth.
  • The legitimacy of my creative power as long as it excludes any form of theft, deception, moral or physical violence.
  • The absolute responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions of my own free-will.

I undertake

  • To process my fears so that, with love, I take care of myself and every form of life.
  • To seize my power as a living Human Being and use it to serve harmony.
  • To resort to joyful and pacific disobedience whenever fundamental rights of Life are in danger.

I acknowledge this pact that links me to myself and the Earth. I connect through my heart with the emancipated Beings of One Nation across all oceans and continents.


The Heart of One Nation

Governments fail in their mission to take care of Humans and Earth.
We no longer trust them.
They loosed our respect.

So what can we do?

Complaints are boring...
Protests? Too dangerous.
Elections? Fruitless.
Fighting can't be bothered.

Whaf if we created a nation instead?


The Spirit of One Nation

One Nation is a planetary emancipation wave. In peace, every one regain the power to choose for themself and refuse interference from non-legitimate authorities.

Where anger and fear give way to creativity and courage, there is no need for new leaders, nor for news laws and institutions.

The Manifest warrants our common quest for harmony.
This text is the link between all our differences.
So that mutual trust makes us act spontaneously in stigmergy.


The Body of One Nation

Firstly, One Nation vibrates in each one of us, and this every time a human being signs the Manifest in good faith with its heart and the soul.

Together, we form a decentralised network of Human Beings and Oasis embracing the values of the Manifest

Every oasis, fixed or movable, is free to experiment its own organisation.

One Nation connects open-source projects that build up alternatives to usual instruments of power such as : identity, money, education, food, medias, ...

¡Read me!

By nation we mean : "A vast group of Human Beings aware of its unity and its common wish to live together"

One Nation is profoundly non-violent. Read more

One Nation is not, and will never be a country, a state, a political party, an institution, an association, an NGO, a lobby, a company, a cult or the New World Order. Read more

One Nation has no official media or spokespersons: No individual or group may claim to speak on behalf of the multitude. Read more about wouino

One Nation cannot exclude anyone. Since it would require a judge, a body of justice, laws, institutions, and so on 🤯😓 Read more

¿Frequently Asked Questions?


The 🥱 questions


This roadmap is a note of intent, a to do list about the future developments of One Nation.

Actual version : v1.0

The more complete, reference roadmap is hosted on Github's collaborative platform. Everything is open-source so feel free to bring your ideas.

Roadmap on Github  Contribution guide

Version 1 > Initiate
  • Write the Manifest
  • Kickstart One Nation (logo, website, roadmap)
  • Publish everything on Github (open-source)
v1.1 (todo)
  • Invite everybody to create his/her own Avatar (ID card) on a physical support Read more
  • Build up Wouino, the official collaborative spokeperson of One Nation
Read more+
  • Communicate, share and get together.
Version 2 > Refine
  • Big project : Design & develop "Grand Papyrus", the decentralized and unalterable registry of all One Nation Avatars (and much more)
  • Organize the first(s) One Nation Festival(s)
  • Create the firsts One Nation Oasis and share experience feedbacks
  • Adjust the roadmap with energies present
Version 3 > Transform
  • Big project : Design or adopt an alternative currency based on time (on blockchain)
  • Big project : Design or adopt an open Universal Income
  • Oasis flourish everywhere on Earth!
  • Imagin, design, develop and release open source solutions to enhance the resilience of the One Nation Oasis Network
Version 4 > Récolter
  • More emancipated beings
  • More Oasis
  • More joy, beauty, trust, common sense, respect and creativity on Earth!
Final version > Dissolve
  • Ultimatly, when harmony and trust are the norms, when humanity finally understands that we are all ONE and unique, then we will no longer need One Nation...

++How to contribute ?++

One Nation fully embraces the principles of stigmergy inviting everyone to act spontaneously free from needing validation from others. Read more

Sign the Manifest

If you need some help to start, here are some suggestions:

  1. Print/handwrite the Manifest
  2. Share it with the people around you
  3. Embody what you have just signed 🥳
To meet

Here you won't find any leader or central organization. You are a now a new starting point for the One Nation Network. Find around those ready to initiate and implement The One Nation Manifest, and let's go!

Do not hesitate to have a look on Telegram, get in touch with the people around and introduce yourself Read more


This open-source website is hosted on Github. Everything is editable, except the Manifest. You may give a hand by adding, updating, translating content of the website.

If Github is not your cup of tea, please feel free to join the party on Telegram or write at